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Happy, Healthy, & Hardy


Why Choose Us




High Quality Pedigrees

Nationwide Delivery

Exceptional Nutrition Standards

Why Choose Us

About Us

We Are A 24 Acre Farmstead Located In The Heart Of The Beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

Our Mission Is To Provide Healthy, Happy, & Hardy Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats & Katahdin Sheep Breeding Stock.


We Maintain Strict Closed Herd Protocols And Test For CL, CAE/OPP, Johnes, & Q Fever. 

We Focus On Preventative Care With Pasture Rotations, Premium Nutrition, Clean Environment, & CDT Vaccinations.


Our Livestock Were Selected From Superb Pedigrees, Which Include Show Winners & Milk Star Earners. 

What Differs Us From Others Is Our Focus On Unique Coat Colors & Patterns Of Nigerian Dwarf Goats & Katahdin Sheep.

Katahdin Sheep

All Of Our Sheep Are Registered With The Katahdin Hair Sheep International (KHSI) & National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP).

The Main Benefits To This Low Maintenance Breed Is That They Are Hair Sheep (No Shearing Needed) 

We Select For Good Temperament, Hornless (Polled), Normal Body Composition, Well-Muscled, Parasite/Scrapie/OPP Resistance, Black Hooves, Mothering Abilities, A or AA Coats (Full Shed), Milk Production, & Multiple Births​.

Unlike Most Katahdin Sheep Farms, We Focus On Rare Colors & We Have Variety Of Colors/Patterns: Spotted, Speckled, Pinto, Brockle, Flowery, Panda, Combination, Cream, Chocolate, Black, White, Red, Silver & Brown.