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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the goats/sheep tested for diseases? We are a closed herd & we test for CL, CAE/OPP, Johne's, & Q fever.

  • Do you offer shipping/transport? We are happy to help with coordinating nationwide shipping/transport. Note that shipping setup, cost, & veterinary requirements will be the buyer's responsibility.

  • What is your health guarantee? We guarantee all goats/sheep are healthy at the time of transfer. A purchaser has the right to a full veterinary examination and/or disease testing at their expense before the goat/sheep leave our farmstead.

  • How is the goats/sheep health managed? Our main focus is preventative care. We use rotational grazing; treat naturally when possible; we provide CDT shots; we take them to the vet when needed, regular hoof trimming; we provide enrichment toys; & top quality: pasture/hay, grain, minerals, shelter, & water.

  • When will the lambs & kids be available? They will be available at 12 weeks old or older. They will be disbudded (goats only), tattooed (goats) or tagged (lambs), & given 2 rounds of CDT shots before leaving the farmstead. They will have 24/7 access high quality hay, loose minerals, and creep feed during this time.

  • Will the goat/sheep have horns? We only breed polled (hornless naturally) Katahdin sheep so the majority of them will be polled, but some lambs develop scurs or horns from past genetics. There will be dehorned & polled goats. We will disbud all goat kids that develop horns because we believe it is better for their overall health/quality of life based on our experience & research. 

  • Do you offer stud service? Unfortunately, to maintain a closed/disease free herd we don't offer this service.

  • Do you offer semen straws? We will possibly offer this in the future, but not at this time. 

  • Which gender makes the best pet? Wethers (neutered males) are the best, followed by does/ewes. I don't recommend bucks or rams as pets.

  • Do I have to milk my Nigerian Dwarf doe? Nope. If you do choose to breed your doe, she will come in milk before kidding. Upon kidding, you can let her nurse and raise her kids. Once the kids are old enough to wean and separate from the doe, she will will gradually dry up on her own.

  • Do you offer dairy products or soap? We plan to milk both the sheep and goats in the future, but at this time we don't offer these items. 

  • What payments do you accept? Paypal & Cash

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