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Purchasing Sheep & Lambs

  • Why Choose Fox Farmstead Sheep: Our Farmstead Differs From Others Due To Our Main Focus Of Having Unique Colors & Patterns Of Katahdin Sheep. Additionally, We Concentrate On Only Selecting For Friendly Temperament, Great Mothering Skills, 200-300% Lambing, A Or AA Hair Coat (Natural Sheds/No Sheering), High Muscling, Hornless (Polled), Parasite Resistance, Hoof Quality, & Superior Genetics [Ovine Progressive Pneumonia (OPP) & Scapies Resistance].

  • Diet: All Sheep Diet Includes 24/7 Access To 2nd Cutting Orchard Grass Hay Or Alfalfa (Depending On Age/Breeding Stage) Or Rotational Pasture, Purina Sheep Minerals, & Water. They Are Given Purina Delta Lamb & Ewe As A Treat In The Morning & Night, But Lambs Have 24/7 Creep Access Until 12 Weeks Old. 

  • Health: Most Importantly We Take A Lot Of Measures To Prevent Chronic Diseases From Coming On Our Farmstead (Including OPP, CL, Johnes, & Q-Fever). We Believe In Preventative Measures To Decrease Overall Health Issues, Which Includes Having A Clean Shelter, Rotating Pastures, Clean Water, & High Quality Nutrition. Lambs Will Be Given CDT At 6-8 Weeks & Again At 10-12 Weeks. Adults Will Receive CDT Annually 1 Month Before Lambing. Sheep Are Checked At Least 2 Times/Day For Overall Health & Are Each Given Attention For Their Mental Health. They Are Ran Through A Chute Weekly To Be Check Closely Evaluate Overall Health As Well. They Are Treated As Naturally As Possible, Which Mean Very Limited Use Of Antibiotics & Parasite Medication. We Use Copper Bolus As A Natural Parasite Preventative Biyearly. We Test For Parasite Loads & Only Treat When Necessary. 

  • Reservation Deposit: A 50% Deposit (Non-Refundable) Is Required To Reserve Any Sheep. Deposits Are Only Refundable If Death Or Illness Occurs With The Sheep. The Remaining 50% Payment Will Be Due Before Or At Pickup

  • What's Included With Purchase: All Sheep & Lambs Include A Full Exam, Hoof Trim, Tagging/Tattoo, Up To Date CDT Vaccines, & Coat Cleaning Prior To Pickup/Transport. 

  • Pickup/Transport Of Sheep: Adults Should Be Picked Up Maximum Of 30 Days From The Reservation Date. Lambs Are Available At 12 Weeks & Should Be Picked Up Maximum Of 30 Days From Available Date. Optional For Holding Longer For $5/Day Per Sheep. Please Arrange Ahead Of Time To Prevent Reservation Deposit Being Forfeited. Cost & Setup For Transport Or Pickup Is The Responsibly Of The Buyer. We May Have Transport Available. Current Cost=$3/Loaded Mile Per Sheep + $0.25/Loaded Mile Per Additional Sheep. Benefit= Herd Disease Control & Luxury Livestock Transport. Please Inquire.The Permits &/Or Health Certificates Cost To Transport Outside Oregon State Will Be Buyer's Responsibility. 

  • Health Guarantee: We Have A Clean Herd Free From CL, OPP, Johnes, & Q-Fever. We Guarantee All Sheep Are Healthy At The Time Of Transfer. Purchaser Has The Right To A Full Veterinary Examination &/or Disease Testing At Their Expense Before The Sheep Leaves Our Farmstead.

Price Is Based On:

  1. Number Of Siblings​

  2. Age

  3. Parasite Resistance

  4. Horns/Scurs/Polled

  5. Coat Type

  6. Muscling

  7. Temperament

  8. Proven

  9. Codon 171 

  10. TMEM 154 

​11. Bottle Fed

12. Mothering Skills

13. Utter/Milk Productions

14. Number Lambed 

15. Coat Color 

16. Hooves

17. Champion Bloodline

18. KHSI Registered 

19. NSIP Registered

20. NSIP Certified